Pizza Spring '21 - Preview 1

Pizza Spring '21 - Preview 1

Pizza Spring '21 - Preview 1

Spring 2021 is slowly trickling in and I've already forgotten what we actually made. But I'm watching the Bones Brigade documentary and damn have we come a long way. From ollies to the cabalerial and then 540's? Ducky grinds 30 stair kink rails now. Wtf is skateboarding anyway. A piece of wood, with metal "trucks" on four wheels?? Imagine those first surfers, who took a plank of wood and paddled out into the water and decided to stand up and ride a wave. Those people changed the course of history. It reminds me of a quote from Tony Hawk. "The challenges you face in chasing your dreams are the ones that will carry you through the rest of your years." Skateboarding owes you nothing, but you owe skateboarding everything. - Guy Marinara



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