Vincent Milou - Pro AF

Vincent Milou - Pro AF

Vincent Milou - Pro AF

The day has finally come! Vincent Milou is pro as fuck! We knew Vince was special from the day we met him, even though he refused to buy Bitcoin when we told him to. But hey, it's not too late. BTC is gaining support at 57k and as soon as it breaks 60k again, it's to the moon. We're just going to secretly re-invest 5% of his royalties back into crypto for him. TFC! 

Thanks to V7 distribution and Blacklist Agency for setting up the beautiful surprise party. Wish we could have been there but hey, we don't have that Primitive travel budget. Sheeeesh. 

Vince will be back in California next tuesday and then off to dew tour and the Olympics. 

To say we're proud of him would be an understatement. 

Greg Poissonnier caught a glimpse of the festivities back home in France

Boards and zines for friends and family

"Wait why does my pizza say PROAF?? what is proaf?!"

You can't stop the reign...

My face when BTC hits 100k

Ma and Pa know how hard Vince works. Congrats

Brother's who work together, retire early together

If Vince is pro then so is Chloe! Congrats you two!

Shop Vince's new pro boards here!


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